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March and April's Schedule


March and April's Schedule

By Julie Sara Porter

Bookworm Reviews

As usual, I went overboard with my expectations and only achieved half of my reading goals. Well March is another month and I will move many of the books up to the month. Afterwards, I have many new titles planned to celebrate Women's History Month, books written by and starring women: historical, mysteries, science fiction, and fantasy. It should be quite and interesting month.

Update: I injured my shoulder this past week so everything is getting pushed back. All books will be read as promised but this list will go into April to put less stress on myself to rush through the month.

As always, if you have written or know of any new books, do not hesitate to recommend them for review or editing, I am always glad to help.

You may reach me at





Rates are as follows:

Beta Read….$30-50.00

Review $35-55.00*

Research $75.00-100.00





*Applied to certain New Book Alerts and Weekly Readers only, aside from previous arrangements from groups like BookTasters and Blackthorn Book Tours. 52 Funnels will also be free, because most authors were not notified.

**Depending on project size

All rates are subject to change

Cardinal Machines by Tracey Eire

The Dark Shadows of Keysbourg by Michael Stolle

Crazy in Paradise by Melanie Summer

Tomboys Don't Wear Pink by Christina Benjamin

Returning for Valentine's by Victoria Pinder

Time and Again by Emma Strong

The Transatlantic Slave Trade by Captivating History

The Underground Railroad by Captivating History

Skyrocket Your Career by Raj Subrameyer

Creative Manifestation and Meditation by Amara Hoeneck

Hacking Your Destiny by Karl Lillrud

Energy of Love By Susan J. Witt

The Bookworm's Guide To Dating by Emma Hart

If The Shoe Fits by Laurie LeClair

Captured by His Highland Kiss by Eloise Madigan

Wicked Design by Lauren Smith

Cruel Promise by K.A. Linde

Enchanted at Buckthorn Manor by Emma Randall

Moonlight Becomes You by Robert Herold

Something for Bebe by Neil A. White

Rosemary for Rememberance by Nikki Broadwell

Trapped in Time by Denise Daye

Canvas of Time by Amelie Pimont

Centricity by Nathaniel Henderson 

Tess of the D'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy

Lady Be Good by Pamela Hamilton

Gilded Dreams by Donna Russo Moren

7 Days in Hell by Iseult Murphy

Echoes of the Past by Bruce Hughes

Spirit Sight by Marie Powell

Mother by C.M. Adler

Miss Mabel's School For Girls by Katie Cress

Mystic Guests by Leanne Lewis

Murder Under A Blue Moon by Abigail Keam

Kill Three Birds by Nicole Givens Kurtz

Mistress Suffragette by Diana Forbes

Tales of the Hinterland by Melissa Albert

The Half-Light by A.D. Lombardo

The Seeds We Sow by Gary Beene

The Serpent Queen by Tyler M. Mathis

Betrayal at Ravenswick Manor by Kelly Oliver

Starsight by Brenda Hiatt

A Hell of a Way to Die by A.K. Gregory

The Art of Remembering by Alison Ragsdale

The Secret Life of Sofronisba Anguisicca by Melissa Muldoon

An Unusual Botanist by Janis Linford

Maids of Misfortune by M. Louisa Blocke

Women's Weird Edited by Melissa Edmondson

The Great Women of Heron Lake by Deanna Lynn Slatten

As always, Happy Reading!

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